Post Production & Culling

Post production is the art of using technology to correctly interpret the data recorded by your camera sensor. Think of it as a process similar to developing prints from negatives in a dark room. Usually, how the photo looks is not an accurate representation of the data contained in it, and hence, to put it in layman terms, dark photos can be made lighter, colour casts can be removed, and emphasis through light can be changed.

Culling is the selection of post production worthy images from a set. Doing such a selection requires deep understanding of not just what the photo looks like but what it can look like after post production because sometimes what you think as a bad photograph, can be completely corrected in Post Production. Its one of the primary reasons why creative individuals bank on us to make this selection for them.

Culling is a big deal! While we are looking for the ‘best of the best,’ we realize that there are many times when emotion overrides technical perfection and hence ours is a more holistic approach towards culling. We are also open to take specific requests for a job so that the final culled set most beautifully represents your work. Also, if your workflow is on LR, we can share the culled set for review, for you to incorporate some minor changes, if any.

Post production categories differ by the amount of work required by the post production artist to beautify your photo. More difficult-to-correct photos required advanced category post production while already beautiful images can look much better with just the basic corrections. To know more and see some examples, head to the post production page here.

Good images are part of all our lives. Be it from a professional commercial shoot or from your holiday last weekend, your photos deserve to look stunning and hence deserve post production. Just give us a chance to work on your images and experience how good YOU are.

We always welcome your inputs. Be sure to inform us about your requirements and preference while submitting your job.

Because of operational considerations, we have a minimum job order amount of INR 499.

We do offer great discounts when you submit a large order. For details visit the Post Production tab and see the charges. On top of this, we offer an additional discount to our members.

If your device supports RAW image capture, you can choose it from the Quality setting on your camera. You can usually choose from Fine/Large/Small JPEGs and RAW files. RAW files come in multiple formats like *.cr2, *.nef etc.

We prefer if you send your images as a Lightroom catalog with Smart Previews. However, if that is not possible, we are good with actual images sent through online upload or pen drives/hdd etc.

A smart preview is a Digital Negative file that allows you to share a large data in an editable format in a very small size. You can generate them through Adobe Lightroom. Read more about Smart Previews, here

Yes. To buy Adobe LR and PS under the photography plan, head here

For the same amount of Megapixels, a RAW file is typically much larger in size as compared to a JPEG. For instance, a 21 MP file can be 36 MB in RAW format while its just 8 MB in JPEG. This happens because a RAW file has much more data which aids in easier, faster, and better editing. Because of this, JPEGs are charged at 1.5 times the usual rate.

For jobs under the Advanced category, we can follow the style of the photographer to a certain extent. For Basic colour corrections, however, such changes are not possible.

We can work with jobs sent in Lightroom catalogs made with LR 5 and LR 6.

Yes you will be able to see the changes made on the photos inside of LR. If you have submitted your images directly, you can do a direct comparison with your original images.

Sometimes a shot that you thought would look amazing doesn’t quite look as good. This is where our Photoshop and Lightroom experts can work wonders to convert that shot to a star shot. Think of Signature Edits as investments. These are the shots that will shine in your portfolio and will get a majority of your future work for you. To read more about Signature edits and see some examples, head here.

Advanced Jobs: We have a post production style form which you can fill in to communicate your unique post production style, and if you have a large job, and you are our new member, you can even ask for a few FREE sample before-afters to help you decide. Its worth noting though, that our artists have extensive experience having worked on hundreds of thousands of images. Moreover, we have internal quality checks to ensure top notch quality across jobs. And while post production, just like photography, is quite subjective, we will ensure you are satisfied with the job submitted to you.

Colour Correction Jobs: Our basic colour correction artists are trained to make edits which are standard rather than subjective. This is to ensure that all jobs get delivered with perpetually dependable quality which is liked by all. Hence its not possible to process images with a unique style under this post production category.

We are a close knit team of trustworthy people and your images aren’t sent out of Hey2k. Also, before hiring a new artist, we ensure that the new member, has the same set of personal values and principles that are present in the people that started this company. Moreover, we prefer Lightroom Catalog with Smart Previews to edit your images, which doesn’t even require you to send your original images to us for editing further reducing this possibility.


The cost of creating an album can be broke in 2 parts. 1st being the designing of the photobook, and 2nd being the cost of printing. To read more about the rates, please visit our Photobook page here.

We leave that choice to you. We can create custom covers for you if you prefer printed covers instead of fabric/leather covers.

Yes. You can visit our Photobook page here to look at some sample spreads.

For most printers, 20 spreads is the minimum limit for printed photobooks. And hence, even if we design a Photobook with less than 20 spreads based on your requirements, the charges are not going to change.

Photobooks are usually delivered through well known courier partners such as BlueDart, Fedex, DTDC etc.

Yes! We will be submitting you an electronic proof of the album before sending it for print. You can request upto 3 minor changes in layout without any additional cost. After this, a charge of INR 150 would be applied per change. A minor change is changing an image position, or size, removing/adding an image from the spread, changing the layout for the spread.

Yes. Because of the printing constraints, there can be a maximum of 40-50 spreads depending upon your chosen style of Photobook.

No. For domestic shipping, cost quoted for Photobook usually includes the shipping charges.

Memberships & Referrals

Member enjoy additional discounts other than bulk discounts and hence people that have a lot of backend work to sublet to us, would enjoy a lot of benefits by being a member.

To become a member, either your store credit, or your order value, needs to meet a certain monetary requirement. To know more about Memberships, please view our Memberships page.

Submission & Delivery of images

You can submit an LR catalog with Smart Previews or send images through either courier or electronic upload.

Unless the job is unusually large, we deliver the processed images in 72 hours from understanding your requirements and receiving your images.

During peak wedding season, the turnaround time for usual jobs can stretch to 7-10 days depending upon workload. For quicker turnaround times of 24-48 hours, you can opt for a Rush Job.

A rush job is treated with the highest priority and would be delivered to you within 48 hours of receiving the images. This can stretch further if the job is unusually large (>500 images) or during peak season wherein we are loaded with rush jobs. You can always get in touch with us to get a fair idea of delivery timelines.


Yes. As per government regulations, we charge 15% service tax. This is mandatory as per government tax regulations.

No problem. Please contact us through the contact tab and we will help you at the earliest.

Our payment gateways allow for netbanking, credit/debit cards and all other standard forms of online payment.

If for any reason you can’t make a payment online, you can visit a branch and transfer the amount to us via either a cash deposit or an NEFT. Get in touch with us to know about our account details.


When you require the job to be delivered to you at a top priority, you can opt for a Rush Job. Such jobs jump our order sequence queue and are treated with Top Priority for the quickest turnaround times. Rush jobs are charged at 1.5 times the usual rate for the job.