Our Story

A team of professional photographers once bogged down by their own backend workload of selecting through and doing post production on their own images, thought of creating a team that can provide backend solutions to photographers around the world. That’s how Hey2k was born. Imagine it as a shout for help, “Hey 2k!”, which can end all your backend work troubles so that you can concentrate on what’s most dear to you, photography itself. We aim at providing the best quality backend solutions for professional and amateur photographers around the world.

Our Team

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Pushp Deep Pandey

Founder & CEO

An awarded Photographer, a serial Entrepreneur and an Adobe Certified Expert who absolutely loves Post Production. He is an MIT (Manipal) graduate in Mechanical Engineering, yet, art is where he found his heart lay.

Shalini Pandey

Photobook Design Lead

A former AVP at JPMorgan, Shalini is our gifted storyteller, who has loved to write all her life. Being a Director at 2k Photography, pictures magically speak to her while she weaves them into compelling stories enveloped with emotions.

Prabhat Nigam

Creative Post Production Lead

A passionate photographer who’s set out to make his mark on the world. He believes Post production sits at the heart of creating an image and without it, photography is often incomplete.

Ambuj Gautam

Post Production Lead

Our shy tech­wiz who dons mice and keyboards like a boss. Absolutely adores Adobe Lightroom and always picks up a camera when he can.

Neha Prakash

Asst. Post Production

Another one of our stars that can transform a dull image into an award winning beauty. When not busy in front of the computer or with her cute kids, she loves to work for NGOs that work for societal betterment.


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