Back-end services for creative photographers

Just enjoy clicking the pictures, and leave the rest to us. Photo editing, album design, culling - We handle it all.

Post Production, Culling and Album Design

Whether it’s picking the best from the huge lot of pictures, making them shine with professional edits or putting them together in a beautiful album, you can bank on us to do a great job on your behalf.

Liberate Yourself – Shoot more

You set out to become a passionate photographer; don’t let post production and back-end work get in your way

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”

“Unravel the magic in your photos”

Why us

Why us

  • Team led by photographers

    Our teams consist of post production experts working alongside professional photographers; which means we understand the art, not just the science.

  • Careful as you are

    We take great care that every single photograph is individually post processed by our experts. No robots or batching, ever!

  • Forget about backend work

    Just back from a shoot and all the editing work is bothering you? Back from a holiday maybe and your photos don’t look as good as you thought? We are here!

  • State of the art post production lab

    We use colour calibrated displays, colour controlled environment, fastest computers – all to ensure that you get from us the best possible output in the fastest possible time.

Feel the magic of Post Production

Experience what post production can do to your photos! Unravel the hidden details in the highlights, discover the details in the shadows and see it all coming together in blissful colours. Our image processing experts will handle from the most basic edits to the most complex depending upon your requirements while you get applauded for your amazing photographs that we deliver. So next time when your photos are ready, just shout, “Hey 2k!” And we’ll be there! :)


Narrate your story through our Photobooks

Good photos are telling a short story! And it's when these small stories are woven together in a beautiful photobook that the long story starts to make sense. Be it the previous fun engagement you shot or the trip to vegas you took with your friends last summer; our photobooks can bring the experience alive every time you flip through its pages.


Culling Services

Everyone comes back from exciting shoots with heaps of pictures, even us. And its most tedious to look through these photos to find out which are the ones worth keeping. That’s where our CULLING services come in handy. Allow us to lend you an experienced eye, which can’t just quickly pick up good shots from the lot but also visualize which shots can become extraordinary through post processing. What you do with all the free and productive time, we leave for you to decide!


“We literally dumped our data to them and they gave us the perfect shots. Couldn’t believe they were taken by me. All I can say is they possess the Midas Touch. Thank you, Pushp and the Hey2k team.”

Dr. Rahul Varshney - Independent Client

“No matter how good (or sometimes bad) photos I click, your team is always there to help me with post processing and turning them into amazing art form. In addition, your quick turn around time at low cost makes you best in the industry and an obvious choice for me.”

Ambuj Pandey - Ambuj Pandey Photography

“Been using their truly amazing services for almost 2 years. Love their Creative category and also that we have options to customize. Their on time delivery helped me in scheduling and was appreciated by my clients a lot. Highly recommended!”

Akash Anand - Akash Anand Photography

“‘Hey2k’ takes your belief in your own ability, skills and experience to a new level and we were absolutely pleased to have reached out to them. Delighted on the extra time and mile of effort they put to make every picture stand out. Congratulations for the helpful, dedicated and talented team.”

Nitin & Bhavna - SplendidFotos